I’ve spent a lot of effort over the years to make this website extremely easy to publish new content to and iterate on, but I haven’t ever really taken advantage of that speed; preferring to leave things in draft status or hidden (for reviewing externally) instead of making them visible.

Even with the garden, that has a massive disclaimer over the top of it, I still don’t publish as much as I planned to.

So I’ve decided to change that; which simply requires publishing more.

In the end this is my place on the web and I can make changes however I like to it so it’s useful for myself and others. If that means things get published before they’re ready that is okay with me versus never publishing it at all.

As part of that I’ve given myself the permission to update previous posts with new content and update their dates when it makes sense. It’s for that reason that I keep the dates out of the URLs for these pages.

Time to publish this post.