What I'm Doing Now

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Updated: April 1, 2022, from Florida

  • (Funemployment) April 1 was my last day at $OLD_COMPANY and taking some time off before “the next thing”.
  • Playing around with my Precursor and using it learn more about FPGAs, RISC-V, and Rust1.
  • Doing some digital/technology spring cleaning: selling computers and kon-mari’ing my files/data/accounts.
  • Trying to write more on this blog
  • Also thinking this site would do good with some… aesthetics improvements.
  • Working on some new Open Source projects for 0xA (TBD/TBA)
  • Taking some time over the next few weeks to configure myself a real NixOS configuration repo with everything just so2.

  1. I imagine I’ll be updating the garden pages a lot more very soon. ↩︎

  2. Of course it needs to use Flakes! ↩︎