I don’t update this website enough, but there is always something I’d like to add similar to how I dump things into my notebook in Notion.

I’ve done this a few times before, but I’m adding a Digital Garden to my website again.

I was inspired to do it again thanks to this article in MIT Technology Review about others with Digital Gardens.

Digital Gardens are much closer to how the web originally was where websites were created for a topic and updated instead of Blogs and News websites where posts are added regularly. There is a good reason to have both. With Digital Gardens information can be updated and curated in a single place. It also allows information to be less polished meaning I’m more likely to share things on here and keep things up to date.

Content like this probably won’t rank well in Google because pages will probably become full of a bunch of stuff instead of being specific enough for general searches like “how to exit Vim.”

I’ve also meant to close down some other websites of mine and I think a lot of the general content I was posting will just go in to this Garden.

Consider creating a Garden section of your website and sharing what you know and find. I look forward to having some pages to refer to for friends and family when they ask me questions about certain topics.