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Setup macOS keybinds on Windows Link to heading

The best solution I’ve found is kinto which uses autohotkey to make using most mac keybindings pretty easy.

  • Cmd-C/Cmd-V copy and paste
  • Cmd-space to open windows menu
  • Cmd-tab to switch windows
  • Alt-left/Alt-right to move backward/forward a word
  • Cmd-left/Cmd-right to move start of line/end of line

I’m also using that along with Magic Utilities for the Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad I have.

The magic utils make things much better by making all the various Fn-keys on the keyboard work and add back some gestures I expect when using a magic trackpad. But, it doesn’t really have a solid solution for making macOS keybinds working because you can’t just simply remap a few keys and call it a day. It requires using something like AutoHotKey somewhere to implement some logic (unfortunately).

Some keybinds do not work though. I am having some issues with basic keybinds in the terminal like Ctrl-l and Ctrl-k. Also keybinds in VS Code are hit/miss.

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