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Self Hosting

“Most used Self Hosted Applications”

What Are Your Most Used Self Hosted Applications? (hacker news)

From the comments and article:

  • Nextcloud
  • Xbrowsersync
  • Synchthing
  • Jellyfin
  • Home Assistant
  • OPNSense on a protectli box
  • Smokeping
  • Pintry
  • cadvisor - simple graphs of resource consumption, insights per docker stack
  • cyberchef - a LOT of handy operations packed into one small app. Encode/decode any secrets you need and don’t bother about privacy
  • heimdall - all apps main panel
  • minio
  • photoprism
  • pypiserver
  • docker registry (with UI)
  • portainer - easily manage all of the above.
  • Seafile
  • InfluxDB for recording a heap of metrics
  • pfSense
  • Minecraft Server - AMP -
  • Unifi Controller
  • Plex
  • charlocharlie/epicgames-freegames - Bot that will automatically “purchase” free games from the epic game store. I have it setup to telegram me a link to enter the captcha.
  • fusengine/apaxy - Decent web file browser
  • jlesage/nginx-proxy-manager - I’m lazy and hate setting up reverse proxies
  • jlesage/qdirstat - Pretty useful when dealing with a server that has as much data as mine does
  • adolfintel/speedtest - Good for troubleshooting networks that might preferentially give better speeds, also good for internal network testing


Most used Docker, which I think is a good idea. Running these things at Home and using Tailscale is a good idea.

Key services I think to run are: Portainer, NextCloud, Smokeping, Home Assistant, and Minio.

Things I would run also are “adolfintel/speedtest”, Plex, PhotoPrism, and CyberChef.

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