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Rust1 is becoming a very popular language. I personally want to write everything in Rust because it provides a lot of the security of runtime memory safe languages (e.g. Python, Javascript (V8), Go) without the runtime overhead. It also provides a bunch of features which none of those languages have like Algebraic Types and pattern matching2.

Here is an in-depth article explaining how rust’s memory safety works. Like, what is it actually protecting and how does it work?

Example of converting C programs to rust over time using TinyVM as the example. Using Cargo to build the C program and then replacing the C functions and structs with rust ones then disabling that part of the C code you can eventually replace the whole C program piece by piece. You can also write tests to ensure that before and after the change the code works the same.

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Zig is another language which is attempting to replace C (like Rust), but does not have all the same safety features.

One of the main contributors suggests replacing the build systems of C projects with Zig to make cross-compilation easier as well as enabling the use of Zig on the projects to slowly replace C without requiring a rewrite.

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Frontend really needs it’s own section because of how many unique things there are about it. Namely that it’s all running in a browser so it’s either Web Assembly or Javascript.

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  1. Learn more at ↩︎

  2. Python is adding support in 3.10 I think, but I won’t be able to use 3.10 in my daily work for a while so it doesn’t affect me yet. ↩︎

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