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Some Links:

TCP/IP Link to heading

  • TCP IP illustrated Volume 1 (2nd Ed) by Kevin Fall

Bufferbloat Link to heading

tc_cake Link to heading

tc_cake is a relatively recent queue discipline added to the kernel. You can enable it by loading the sch_cake kernel model.

You can set it as the default queue discipline by configuring your kernel as such:

sysctl -w net.core.default_qdisc cake

Thunderbolt Link to heading

If you have a proper Data USB-C Thunderbolt cable (very specific. not usually the charging cable which comes with ipad/mbp/mba/etc) you can just literally hook up two computers and they can connect IP over Thunderbolt. Works especially well with Macs.

Now you can get roughly 10GiB network speeds without crazy hardware. So if you need to do some big transfer or get a faster connection you can simply do that via a Thunderbolt cable.

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