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An indispensable tool for doing software development these days. This website is managed via Markdown files committed to a git repo (and then compiled in to a website using Hugo). Nearly all development these days which doesn’t use large media files uses Git by default.

Shout out to which is an excellent and memorable resource for fixing mistakes in git.

Undo last commit and keep changes Link to heading

git reset HEAD~ --soft

Fix committing to main instead of feature branch Link to heading

We basically branch from our existing main (or master) and then remove the extra commit.

git branch new-branch-name
git reset HEAD~ --hard
git checkout new-branch-name

Prune PR/MR branches Link to heading

Just run

git fetch --prune origin

Or if you are offline/dont-want-to-fetch

git remote prune origin

If you want this to always happen when you fetch you can run this to tell git to do it all the time

git config --global fetch.prune true

Reflog Link to heading

Shows a list of all the operations you’ve done in git indexed so you can reset your state.

git reflog
git reset HEAD@{$INDEX}

$INDEX is the number of the change you want to switch to. Normally whatever happened right before things were messed up.

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