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The Basics

  • Avoid bend your wrists or cutting off circulation
    • Buying wrist braces and using them while working will help show you where you are bending your wrists
    • Wearing the braces at nice to recover your wrists from time to time will help reduce pain/stress on your wrists
  • Get up every so often and move. Movement encourages blood flow.
    • Lack of blood flow in the legs can cause damage
  • Standing and sitting are both fine, but too much of either is bad.
    • If it is hurting to stay standing then sit. If you’ve sat all day then try standing a bit
    • Moving around during different tasks helps handle movement as well
  • More important is exercising some
    • Majority of damage from office work is lack of activity rather than siting or standing.
    • Moving, standing, sitting, a better desk or chair; All ways to limit damage. Only real solution is exercise and stretching.
  • Stretching your legs, thighs, and lower back are also very good ideas
    • Worth paying for a trainer to teach proper stretching. Personally I think it’s worth paying for it even when you “already know what to do” so you can signal to them any pains you’re having and identify the inevitable ways you’re doing it wrong even as it looks like you’re doing it right.
    • Do not let not having a trainer be an excuse: Touch your toes, stretch your shoulders, and buy a few stretching tools.
    • Alternatives: massages and assisted stretches.

Fun desks

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