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Electric Vehicles


  • Tesla: The usual
  • Audi: “eTron”
  • Nissan: Leaf
  • Honda?: May have some soon I think, but mainly hybrids
  • Toyota: Focused on hydrogen, but coming out with some full electric models. Has Rav4 plugin
  • Ford: New F150 coming
  • GM: Has Volt
  • Rivian: New electric trucks. Former Tesla people
  • Hyundai: IQONIC 5 seems legit


Electric bikes, normally Push Assist ones, are nice way to make commuting and moving around via bike much more palatable to people.

Great plus to bikes is they can handle more terrain (e.g. bad or dirt roads, jumping curbs, etc.) and high maneuverability.

Issue with bikes is securing them when you can not keep them with you. In an Office this may not be an issue, but going to stores and etc it does. Also there may not be anywhere to safely secure the bike.


There are lots of interesting high-performance electric bikes which have twist-turn acceleration. Requires all the usual goodies of a road vehicle like plates, insurance, and etc.

Many have great range and lots of technology in them. Some have Radars and haptic feedback for instance.


Great alternative to Bikes and better than longboards or unicycles because of the bar. Bikes can handle much more crappy roads, but


  • Classic longboard is the Boosted Boards. Sad that Boosted is gone.

Unicycles and Hoverboards

They have a learning curve, but once learned have impressive range and safety.

Unicycles are “better” than hoverboards on most metrics, but Hoverboards look cooler.

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